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Dress4less Business on Facebook


Dress4less wanted to measure the business impact of non-ROAS oriented communications.


Having invested only in performance marketing so far, Dress4less wanted to measure the business impact of non-ROAS oriented communications. The main objective of the campaign was therefore to measure the business effect of brand lift communication using purchase view attribution. Dress4less.bg is an online retail store offering sports clothes and footwear. Тhe company set its focus on brand positioning and awareness within the target audience of men and women between the ages of 25 and 33.


As all previous campaigns of the brand were purely focusing on performance for brand lift campaign, broadening the audience and minimizing the targeting filters was the main aim. Core target audience for the campaign were 25-33 years old male and female users from Bulgaria. In order to measure the effect of this brand lift campaign on actual sales, Facebook pixels and view attribution were applied with a 28 days window. Different means of ad distribution such as Video Ads, Carousel, Instagram, Ads in Stories, Core Audiences, Measurement and Facebook Pixel were used to maximize the coverage.



Result show that brand awareness has significantly impacted the in maximization of return on advertising spent for online retailers. Smart targeted visibility strategy rocketed the brand recognition within the target group. While the campaign reached +1.2 million potential users it increased the whole user base by almost 9% resulting 5x time more ROAS within the 28 day view attribution.

“Average 4.45 ROAS with view attribution reporting from brand lift communication”


Cost per Brand Lift (USD)


25-44 aged user base


"After a few years in the field of e-commerce, our company was looking for a digital tool, which could helps us know our customers better. The solution came in the from of presenting the “brand lift” campaigns as key to approach our customers with the most suitable questions. We are very happy to conclude that our campaign helped us measure our brand strength and visibility efficiently and with amazing results.”

Svetoslav Nikolov


“Every performance marketing communication can benefit from targeted brand awareness which should be properly integrated into the digital marketing mix. To do so, measurement at all stages of its development is a fundamental part of a successful strategy.”

Ivelina Ansarova
Accella Digital

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