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Nokia engage with a valuable audience in India


KKR sponsorship for IPL 2018 campaign on Twitter.


Nokia in India had lost a consi- derable market share due to their previous operating system. With the new AOS based phones, the brand wanted to recover its lost market share and create a strong brand awareness.


Httpool India provided an end-to- end media solution to present different products and engage with a valuable audience. The brand launched the India Twitter handle by leveraging its team sponsor status with the 2018 Indian Premiere League.

Ad Formats:

  • First View
  • Promoted Trend
  • Promoted Video
  • Video Website Card
  • Promoted Tweets


Nokia’s hashtag was one of the most used hashtags during the quarter when the campaign was running. Consequently, Nokia got many positive conversations and responses from users.

Key to Success

  1. 1


    Targeting their campaign audience based on interests, such as sports (cricket) and technology.

  2. 2


    Running a multi-format campaign boosted high rates of interaction with @NokiamobileIN.

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