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Personal Argentina talked to millennials on Snapchat


Personal Argentina knew how to talk to Millennials in their own language.


The challenge for Personal Argentina was to be able to reach a Generation Z and Millennial audience with a creative and disruptive content using the top preferred platform, communicating the brand’s repositioning and its slogan “Internet para que todo suceda” (Internet makes everything happen).


The combination of using the right language and tools that characterize the platform contributed to making the campaign a massive success. Also, by using Geofilters and Snap Ads, a great user engagement was rapidly generated and therefore, an excellent interaction with the product.

By using Snapchat and the Geofilterformat to communicate the “Internet para que todo Suceda” (Internet Makes Everything Happen) slogan, Personal was able to reach the target audience in a natural and fun way. Snapchattersdecided to include the slogan in their daily chats, reaching +11 million Users in only 2 days.


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