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VISA Red de Empresarios campaign on Linkedin

Its goal was to support the soundness and the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The Brand

Visa is the world’s largest commercial network for electronic payment and one of the most internationally renowned brands for global financial services. Visa facilitates global commerce through the transfer of values and information between financial institutions, shops, consumers, companies and governmental entities.


Four years ago, Visa launched its Red de Empresarios Visa (Visa Businesses Network) platform ( Its goal was to support the soundness and the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), by means of providing the tools for proper management, simplification and growth of their businesses.

The challenge for Visa was to find entrepreneurs and new businesses to be able to share all the content they have been generating over the past few years for this particular segment. Visa’s goal was to find an additional medium to offer MSMEs guidelines on how to consolidate their businesses and to showcase the different products available for them.

Visa identify LinkedIn as the proper medium to reach its target audience and set two key goals:

  • Raise awareness and introduce users to the Visa Businesses Network and Visa’s strategy for this segment; bringing them into consuming the over 1500 specialized publications to be found on their website.
  • To make more noticeable the solutions that Visa specially developed for MSMEs.


Visa chose LinkedIn to run its campaign. For reaching its intended audience, it designed a cluster of MSMEs’ finance decision-makers: managers, directors, VPs, and partners for enterprises with under 250 employees.

Having this in mind, the brand impacted them with the following formats:


This ad format was used to reach users at their homepage and invited them learn more about the latest news regarding Visa’s solutions for MSMEs. Additionally, this format educated Visa followers on the brand’s various financial services: corporate credit cards, the advantages to accept credit card payments, digital migration, mobile technology, tools for MSMEs, among others.


This ad format promoted the results of the 5th Reference Study in Mexico, highlighting the importance of credits for MSMEs. This ad reached users that had previously been hit by the Sponsored Updates.


Two mass messages were sent: one focused on user awareness of the 5th SME Reference Study performed by Visa every 18 months in different countries in the region, including Mexico; the other, invited the audience to try the different Visa products exclusively offered for them (Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Platinum Cards, Working Capital).




Open rate InMail


Impressions Sponsored Update


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Impressions Display

Key to Success

  1. 1


    In LinkedIn, Visa found a cluster of a million MSMEs’ finance decision-makers: managers, directors, VPs, and partners for enterprises with under 250 employees.

  2. 2


    Using Sponsored InMail the brand was able to deliver a personalized message to an audience closely related to MSMEs through a format that guaranteed a 100% reach. One email introduced the 5th SME Reference Study; the other, the different products Visa offers for the segment.

  3. 3


    Leveraging the Sponsored Updates reach, Visa was able to showcase the latest news regarding its solutions for MSMEs together with other content related to the Mexican professionals’ profile and enterprises. Thus, positioning the brand as referent in the field.


“We are very pleased with the outcome of the current campaigns. No other platform equaled LinkedIn’s unique segmentation capabilities, and we leveraged it to reach our intended decision-making target audience. Additionally, two months prior to the campaign, we held a content session with IMS where suggestions about the type of creatives that would work best for each format best practices were made; this definitely helped boosting the results.”

Marco Antonio Pérez
Sub-Director of Digital Marketing

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