Right Audience

LinkedIn has historically been leveraged as a talent solutions site, it has transitioned into a site that is content first. There are 2 million publishers posting fresh content on LinkedIn, along with peer posts in the Feed, long-form content, LinkedIn Groups and 7 million brand-managed company pages. LinkedIn is the definitive professional publishing platform, where our members come to learn, share, and get inspired.



LinkedIn’s professional environment is the only place where all of these audiences can be accurately reached:   

  • Employees: Who will be advocating your reputation to their networks.
  • Customers: Who will be voting on your reputation with their wallets.
  • Stakeholders: Who will be reacting to your reputation by way of stock prices and policy changes.

An intent mindset = greater ad receptiveness

Our Audience Sets Us Apart With Marketers

Data is up to date, accurate & substantial, resulting in higher quality leads

LinkedIn Member Data:

  • Industry
  • Function
  • Company
  • Company Size
  • Occupation
  • Seniority
  • Title
  • Geo
  • Connections
  • Group Membership

Marketers come to LinkedIn for our substantial first-party user data that is more accurate and highly differentiated in the market noise of audience data.

When you set up an ad campaign on LinkedIn, you have powerful choices for how you choose to target your audience. You can target your content and messaging to nearly +706M professionals based on characteristics like seniority, job function or title, company name, geo, skills, industry, and more. 

Additionally, you can take your own first-party data and match it against the LinkedIn global member base to engage people even more likely to convert into qualified leads. Combining LinkedIn and first-party data helps you target people who’ve already displayed an affinity for your brand.

Compared to other platforms our data is more up-to-date, accurate and substantial – the benefit of that is higher quality leads.