Right Environment

Our Environment Is More Trusted Than Other Social Platforms

LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform and provides an environment that is conducive to building and owning your brand. When your audience trusts the platform (like they trust LinkedIn), they also are more receptive to brands they “meet” on LinkedIn (through organic and paid content). 

We’ve got the right environment to drive trust so that you can be recalled and top of mind during a business decision.

Marketers navigating the environment of growing consumer distrust face the added complexities of fake news, ad fraud, brand safety, and declining media trust. Building the most trusted connections with customers requires re-thinking channels, communications, messages, and tactics.

Business Insider Intelligence surveyed 1,700 consumers for their perceptions of the major digital platforms around ‘legitimacy’, ‘security and ‘community’ in their digital media decisions. LinkedIn was found to be “undisputedly the most trusted platform”. In their research, Business Insider Intelligence attributes this to the mindsets in which consumers approach the different social platforms. Members approach LinkedIn with a professional mindset to inform and progress their careers. “This dynamic causes people to treat content and interactions on LinkedIn as more authentic,” says Business Insider Intelligence, and in turn, “this engenders a higher degree of digital trust.” LinkedIn is a highly trusted platform – comparable to other highly trusted platforms like The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

LinkedIn Business Lines

Although this course focuses on our Marketing Solutions business, it’s important to understand the various business lines of LinkedIn and how it can help you or your customers:


Product Description User Cases
Hire Attract talent and recruit candidates from the world’s largest talent pool Recruiters, Human Resources, and Recruiting Agencies looking to build talent brand, post jobs, and source candidates
Market Market to the world’s largest professional audience (includes Elevate) Marketers, Ad Agencies, PR/Communication teams looking to build their brand and promote their product or service through paid media efforts 
Sell Power your social-selling efforts with real-time sales intelligence Sales Team, Business Development, and Executives looking for a sales tool to target the right buyers, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach
Learn Develop talent and keep skills current with personalized eLearning For individuals, Learning & Development, and Talent Development Teams looking for an online learning platform that enables individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives and aspirations through thousands of expert-taught online courses

Our professional environment unlocks a unique opportunity for your brand(s)