The power of Snapchat

Discover the Power of Snapchat

A camera to create and express your world, that’s the power of Snapchat.

A Snap is much more than a simple text, it is a way to communicate and express your feelings through your camera with the people that matter the most to you.

Real friends, real results. No public likes, comments, or pressure. Free to be you with people you care about most.

How to Get Around?

The first thing to understand: there’s more to Snapchat than just photo and video messages that can disappear.

Beyond the camera screen, the app has three main sections:

The Friends Screen

Swipe right for the messaging side of the app. It’s where Snapchatters chat with their friends.

Swipe up for Memories

Where you can rewatch your saved Snaps and Stories.

The Discover Screen

Swipe left to access our audience’s main source of news and entertainment. Our Discover tab is loaded with stories from our community, content partners, and Snap’s editorial team.

The Discover section showcases stories from sources ranging from mainstream media (The Wall Street Journal, Wired, National Geographic) to entertainment websites and Snapchat itself, which publishes curated collections of user-submitted Snaps about certain topics.

The Discover section is also where our audience can view Stories from their friends, celebrities, and popular accounts.

To see less of a certain kind of Story, just press and hold it, then select “Hide”.