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West Gold & Silver Choose Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook


West Gold & Silver wanted to increase its online presence and boost sales, reach new audiences and ultimately increase their market share.


West Gold & Silver wanted to increase its online presence and boost sales, reach new audiences and ultimately increase their market share. The company has an online retail store offering gold and silver jewellery and accessories. Founded more than 20 years ago, the West Gold & Silver brand is a jewelry retailer who believes that every woman deserves the luxury of possessing quality jewelry that she can wear with confidence and complement her style. Their vision is built on the combination of design continuity and precision to detail. Тhe company set its focus on brand positioning and performance within the target audience focusing on increase of transactions.


For the first time West Gold & Silver tried using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) to efficiently design and manage its ads campaign. New dynamic product ads are products that allow granular targeting of people with highly relevant ads at all stages of the sales funnel. On the other hand, DPAs are very effective when your audience is in the consideration phase as they help with relevance and offer timing. Facebook’s DPAs allow to target users based on past engagement (actions or inactions) from your site or application with a perfectly timed ad. Moreover, the applied model eliminated ad duplication and overlapping between ad sets. To sharpen targeting and maximize results, custom audiences and lookalike audience targeting was used along with broad audiences combined with exclusions. DPA in carousel format, showing appealing deals with a call-to-action button made it easy for people to go ahead and place an order. The ads ran in Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed and via Audience Network.


Httpool carefully planned the Facebook campaign and successfully brought existing customers back, while attracting many new ones. When the jewelry brand started using Dynamic ads for broad audiences and retargeting, they achieved a 36% higher return on ad spend and increased sales. Httpool kept a close eye on ad performance during the campaign period, making sure that ad budgets were allocated to the best-performing ad sets. Facebook Insights also helped identify peak periods for customer orders, which meant that campaign activity could be adjusted to match. DPAs improved campaign results not only for new customers but also for the returning ones. Even for a customer with good conversion optimization results (ROAS ~10), the DPA campaign managed further to improve ROAS (~15). West Gold & Silver achieved impressive results with great return on ad spend, boosting brand awareness significantly and lifting ad recall in the minds of potential customers which resulted in 60% lower cost per purchase. This campaign proved the effectiveness of dynamic ads and the lift in results delivered.


Return on ad spend


Lower cost per purchase


ROAS Compared to previous campaigns


“Working with Httpool on our first DPA campaign had us achieve incredible results. By using Facebook tools and features to optimize our targeting and segmentation, we’re amazed to see that in such a short period of time, we made some critical changes and immediately saw significant performance benefits that helped us improve our digital marketing results.”

Marketing Team
West Gold and Silver

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