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Jordan’s Nike sports brand became the first advertiser to portray their brand on EA’s NBA Mobile.


The main objective of the brand was to amplify the communication of its new campaign “Nike NBA”, generating awareness of the sports brand Jordan.

Nike needed a medium of high impact to perform an action for the gamer audience, lovers of video games in Argentina.


The brand chose EA to launch their campaign as it is one innovative media platforms, as well as being a world leader in entertainment.

Jordan by Nike, leaned on the site court dorna boards inside NBA Mobile, becoming the first advertiser to be present in the official NBA video game by EA.

To promote the campaign, the brand used the following formats:

Site Court Dorna Boards

This allowed users to live the true experience of the courts within the video game while highlighting the advertisers throughout the game.


By showcasing the message through a video of 14 seconds in different instances of the game, the brand generated greater brand recall.





users reached


VCR through the arena signs

Keys to success

  1. 1

    Innovative formats

    The Site Court Dorna Boards are one of the most innovative formats that the platform provides, the user experiences the courts within the videogame and engages with the brand as the prominent advertiser simultaneously.

  2. 2

    Choice of NBA Game

    Because of EA, number one publisher in videogame entertainment, sports brand Jordan became the first advertiser to be present in the official videogame of the NBA.

  3. 3

    Target audience reach

    The brand was able to make an impact among NBA Mobile players, who invest more than 50 minutes per day on the game.


This is something we need to look at when you have or are able to aggregate that kind of audience, I think there's a business certainly to be had. In a nutshell, we have an organization that looks to be innovative and progressive. We have an ownership group that always likes to explore new and exciting opportunities. Then you have a business in its embryonic stages with incredible viewership numbers with seemingly a business to follow.

Adam Silver
NBA Commissioner

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